Artist, photographer and gemmologist, DJIEFF takes us on a voyage into the soul of minerals and gemstones. Astonishing exhibitions by a man, who, since his adolescence has been passionate about precious stones. An internationally renowned gemmologist who worked as a consultant for Christie's for 17 years, DJIEFF has handled some of the most beautiful precious stones. Today he is putting his passion and experience to the service of fine-art photography in order to discover the inner life of minerals from a whole new perspective.

The models that pose for him are the most beautiful precious stones on earth... Sapphires from Kashmir, Colombian Emeralds, Burma Rubies, Tsavorites, Fire Opals, and more...

He invites us to journey to the center of the stone, to share his passion, and above all, to enjoy the fleeting glimpse of grace he experiences as a hunter of images, as a chaser of the soul of the mineral.

In the instant between an inhale and an exhale, one catches a glance of eternity, outside of space-time, that changes our view of the world. The sacred instant in which light illuminates the darkness, and in which the soul of the mineral is revealed. This is what makes the works of DJIEFF unique in the world.

And that is not all. The point at which DJIEFF feels the grace of having captured that instant of light, the instant of eternity, is also the vibration of the unforgettable moment that he offers. It's almost as though the energy emanating from the stone were infused into the image and dwells there forever. The 'quantic' has entered into his approach. It is a transformation of microcosmos into macrocosmos from the microscopic to the quantum.

The serenity and healing power of gemstones can be felt when contemplating these images. Although the photos are titled, the artist invites us to dwell on our feelings and to choose our own titles.

DJIEFF refuses to use any enhancement software because the 'internal beauty of gemstones is raw and full of lights'.

Each photo is signed by the artist, limited to five copies, and guaranteed for 100 years using the Diasec process.
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